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The Alinker is a non-motorized walking-bike without pedals. The Alinker is for everyone who wants to maintain an active life regardless of their movement abilities/disabilities. It is designed to be so cool that it overcomes the uneasiness towards disabilities that is felt by mainstream society.

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Reasons to buy the Alinker

  • Ready to go in minutes

    ‌Not everyone is a mechanic, which is why your Alinker will arrive almost ready to ride. All you'll need to do is spend a few minutes unpacking your Alinker, using the included tools to attach the handlebar, the wheels, and adjust the saddle to your preferred height. To make it even easier, we’ve created How-To Videos for you, as well as a Manual.

  • Here to help, 24/7

    ‌Bring your questions, big and small, to and we'll have them answered in 24 hours. If you want to speak to a human, just let us know and we’ll give you a call. If you have an Alinker representative, for example an Ambassador, Affiliate or Reseller in your area you're also more than welcome to chat to us in person - we'd love to meet you!

  • Built to be better

    ‌We love creating the best possible experience for you, and do what we can to help you stay active. When we can't find the right part, we design it ourselves from scratch. That's why the Alinker is a complete, worry-free package, and why we have enthusiastic users around the world.

  • High quality, not high margins

    ‌We do not compromise on quality. Our goal is to help more people to stay active, so we work day and night to find that sweet spot between quality and fair prices. The Alinker is not the cheapest, because we believe it should be built to last. That's why we use the best materials, hire the best people, and give you more bike for your buck.

  • 2-year warranty!

    ‌We believe in the quality of our bikes. To prove it, we offer a 2-year warranty on all of our frames and original Alinker components. Just check out the details on our Warranty page.

Joe & Denise Revello

Innovation for inclusion

"The Alinker is much more than I expected. It's an emotional attachment. I will be fitting in the society again like I should, because I should not be measured by my disability. I am not my disability. I am now not stared at as being a disabled person, I'm now looked at as a curious person, because I'm riding this really nifty bike and I feel good, I feel really good!"

"For the first time in many years we are actually walking side by side and that hasn't happened in a long, long time. It's a really nice feeling!" (Denise)

Joe & Denise Revello (Plainfield, NJ, USA)

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What is the Alinker?

The Alinker is a three-wheeled walking bike designed to help people stay active, do what they love, and live life to the fullest.

On the Alinker, users sit upright and at eye level with standing companions, weight is supported by the seat with no stress on the lower body, handle bars provide additional support, feet remain on the ground keeping users stable and safe.

Whether it’s just getting older, feeling chronic aches and pains, or recovering from an injury, most people want to live an active life despite the circumstances. The Alinker is a socially inclusive solution providing a new way to move. A different state of mind.

What size am I?


We are not responsible for the wrong size Alinker ordered if you have not spoken to us beforehand.

Measurements and sizing in the chart can vary slightly per person.

Size Inseam Measurement
Small 27-30.5 inches (68-77.5 cm)
Medium 30.5-34.5 inches (77.5-87 cm)
Large  34.5-39 inches (87-99 cm)

Who is the Alinker for?

The Alinker is for people who have the desire to stay active and are looking for something that supports an active lifestyle, regardless of mobility challenges.

To operate and use the Alinker you must have the ability to:

  • walk to some degree
  • flex and extend your legs
  • bear weight on one leg briefly while getting on and off the Alinker
  • be consciously aware of your surroundings
  • be aware of your ability and limitations
The Alinker

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